Thursday 2 June 2016

Great-spotted Cuckoo - Bird in Flight shots

I'm still working most of the way around the clock at the moment so this post is going to have to be a couple of archive shots from mid-May of the Portland GSCuckoo. The bird is still there and is now into it's 3rd week since arrival. Both images are massively cropped so the quality is low, but flight shots of rare birds are always nice.

I've updated my 'info' section to the right to include a little employment info as people seem to ask pretty frequently. Unfortunately I'll soon be updating it again to change my age to quarter of a century... I like being busy with work and would probably be bored beyond any sense or sanity if I didn't have work commitments to balance with the hobby (I don't have too many family/home commitments yet). But damn, time just disappears and 'older' people tell me it only gets worse, so thanks for that!

Next post should be a new blog header! There are certainly a few contenders eligible for 'Bird of the Month' for May - there were some fantastic species seen!


  1. Great shots as usual Tim, it's a lovely bird

    1. Many thanks Steph! Sure is a stunning individual.