Saturday 18 June 2016

Canon 5DSR - finally a new camera!

One of my new cameras arrived! About time too as my old kit had all sold leaving me temporarily without a camera... I bought a 5DSR for one main purpose - high resolution for close-up shots with plenty of 'crop-ability' for long distance shots. The camera has a 50.6 MP sensor which is the highest pixel density of any DSLR currently available. It's not great in low light, it's not fast, it's not even classified as being 'professional' equipment, but with distance being one of too main problems with wildlife photography, this camera will help overcome that. A 7Dii provides almost identical performance in terms of a 1.6x crop setting on the 5DSR sensor, but without the added benefit of the extra pixels if a subject is fairly close. The 5DSR suits both scenarios.

DSLR & lenses cannot compete with the high focal lengths on Bridge cameras in terms of pics straight from the camera, but the higher performance sensors allow a lot of post-production cropping of images to give a 'closer' view of the intended subject. The way things are developing with sensor technology, I think in perhaps 10 years time the big white Canon lenses which some wildlife photographers lug around at the moment will no longer be necessary (not to the same extent anyway). DSLR as a system may even have ceased development by then - who knows?!

For the time being, the Canon 5DSR is the right back-up camera body for my needs (now the other camera needs to hurry up and get here) - the below pics give two versions of the same images and this illustrates the cropping potential of images with very high pixel counts:

I'm very much looking forward to seeing what I can achieve with this camera come Autumn time...

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