Friday 27 March 2015

Solar Eclipse & Canada Geese

I shot this at F/45 as I heard the Geese approach and therefore had a few seconds to set up the shot. I've messed around with contrast and added vignette to liven up the pic but it has not been manipulated otherwise. There're two more shots in the sequence which I'll hopefully upload soon.
The 'flock' was 6 Canada Geese, I snapped a pic of the group on my other camera before they reached the Sun/Moon.

Wednesday 25 March 2015

Canada Geese fly-by during Solar Eclipse

I noticed that a pic of a Herring Gull taken during the Eclipse has won Pic Of The Week on Birdguides. Slightly sour of me but I wish I'd uploaded my pic of Canada Geese doing a similar thing! It's an un-manipulated photo, although I will play around with contrast settings to make it moody.
Watch this space...


Many thanks and well done to Phil Abbott who found this bird; it's my second patch tick of the year! It was pretty distant and conditions were dull so the pic is a bit lousy. More to come hopefully...

Sunday 8 March 2015


As there is a strong likelihood that the Penduline Tits will be moving off soon, I thought I'd pop back to Darts Farm for one last look. Upon my arrival, people were leaving as the birds hadn't been showing. Not one to give up easily, I had a thorough look around and soon located both birds which were sheltering in a tree; difficult to spot but definitely there! I took the risky approach of sitting and waiting in one spot, hoping the birds would come to me. I did this for over 3 hours whilst others were following the birds; my approach eventually paid off and the birds came to within about 20 feet of me...

Just a few pics as I'm busy with work and business trips at the moment; more to come soon!!


Wednesday 4 March 2015

SHORT EARED OWL - Patch tick & lifer

I was away on business when the reports of a Short Eared Owl at Axe Cliffs went out, but I popped up to have a look at the earliest opportunity (yesterday & today). I was pleased when it popped up over a hedge; it's a bird I've been wanting to see for a while, and getting a lifer as a patch bird is always nice! Views were pretty distant unfortunately, perhaps due to the golfer... Let's hope it hangs around to give me a better chance. Karen and Steve both seemed to have much better fortune with the bird but I'm still content with this pic; it is my first SEO after all!!