Sunday 4 April 2021


There's a fair bit of birding stuff to catch up with for this blog but my first post of the year (yikes) should probably feature the new daughter! She's had a few trips to some of my favourite local birding spots, and social-distantly met some of the other patch birders.

I'm trying to do more birding this year, but my usual work-to-sleep hours ratio of 3:1 makes this a tad difficult! On April 1st I had 2 Pintail flying over BHM and the estuary, with 19 Swallows, 7 Sand Martins, 1 House Martin and 4 Greylags also being noteworthy.

Onto today, a Cattle Egret was nice to see this evening. It flew in from north of BHM a little prior to 7pm, before settling for a bit then later flying off. 60+ Sand Martins my first 'decent flock' of the Spring.

Whilst I've been quiet on here lately, I've been extremely busy for the last few years, and part of what I've been doing can be seen on my photography page on Facebook. It's a little different, and rather challenging...

Tim White Photography - Facebook

A taster:

Andromeda Galaxy

Cloud inversion at Colmer's Hill, Dorset

Quite a few of my 'wildlife followers' were asking about this comet in 2020; I hope lots of you got to see it!

Comet C/2020 F3 Neowise, Brentor Church, Dartmoor