Thursday 21 October 2010

More Coly Birding

Here a few of todays shots. Managed to get a (fairly bad) pic of a Jay for a change. They are highly accomplished at avoiding me and my cameras... The Hornets on the other hand, I had many, MANY hundreds to choose from!!!


Coal Tit


Grey Wagtail

Wednesday 20 October 2010

SURPRISE when garden 'birding' in Colyton

Spent the chilly morning out on Coly Hill today, and waited in my Nan's garden for a few hours. Here are some photos of various wildlife that was seen. A fairly diverse range for a small garden!!
Blue Tit

Song Thrush



Greater Spotted Woodpecker

Willow Tit




Monday 11 October 2010

Solitary Sandpiper!!!

I checked Steve Waite's blog whilst I was eating lunch and saw his post about the Solitary Sand. 10 minutes later I was down at Black Hole Marsh trying to see it for myself. (Thanks Steve!!). The Barn Owl was out in broad daylight too. Here are a selection of my shots:

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Osprey day #20 STILL here!

Here are a selection of shots taken of the Osprey today. The bird was mainly to be seen between 13:45 and 16:30 as this is when it was trying to catch fish. Didn't see much else worthy of interest.

Tuesday 5 October 2010

That is one GREEDY Osprey!!!

An interesting day of birding! I started in Seaton hide in the morning, seeing a Kestrel, Sparrowhawks, Osprey, Wheatear, and others. A juvenile Sparrowhawk managed to grab a Green Woodpecker, but after a struggle and a lot of noise the two birds separated.

I went to Coronation Corner in Axmouth at around 2pm to see if the Osprey was around. It was. I moved down to near the bridge nearer the mouth of the Axe, as I could see the Osprey hunting there. The bird dived fairly close to me, and tried to emerge from the water with a LARGE fish, and failed. Eventually the Osprey managed to fly out, but had to land on the nearest bank as the fish was too heavy to carry. If only there was someone looking over the fence by the Tramway workshop!!! After a few minutes the Osprey flew further upstream, only to land on the ground again due to the size of the fish.

Another surprise was the two Grey Plover which turned up. My first sightings of these!
Here is a selection of the photos that I took today:

Sunday 3 October 2010

(MORE) Sightings from Seaton Hide

Arrived at Seaton Hide at around 2pm, and the Osprey was flying there within about 20 minutes. It hovered for a short while, directly in front of the hide, and close too. This was the only sghting I had of the Osprey, I waited until after 5pm in case it returned (which it didn't). HOWEVER a Barn Owl and a Wryneck kept me and my camera occupied in the meantime...

Saturday 2 October 2010

Sightings from Seaton Hide

I got to the hide at around 3pm, and the Osprey was already there flying up close! This was a welcome surprise as I had assumed it had continued on its migration and left the Axe. Other birds that were seen from the hide include kingfisher, sparrowhawk, heron, redshank, common sandpipers, cormorant. And many other of the usual suspects. Here are some of the pics that I took this afternoon.