Saturday 12 March 2011

Something that no-one ever likes to see...

Firstly I'll apologise for not posting since January. This isn't through lack of desire, it's through lack of time!
I managed to take a few pics in a couple of free hours last weekend. Nothing interesting but better than nothing!
On a sad note, the pictures of the Sparrowhawk which are to follow are of an injured bird. I didn't get too close with the camera as I didn't want to terrorise the bird. Although a dog owner was letting her mutt do a good job of this as it was barking visciously at it... Thankfully not for too long!! The bird was caught and taken to the vets in Axminster (thanks to Allison Stenning) but it sounds as though it was going to be put down. It's left wing was broken. No other obvious damage though.

Sorry about the feeder shots, I was desparate!
(Black Redstart- Seaton Hole)