Saturday 30 April 2022

Green-winged Teal finally shows nicely

 ...but only for a few seconds. It was on the pool by the Discovery Hut, which is the area I thought it went down in when it flew from Black Hole Marsh on the 18th. 

25th - I had a gorgeous sum plum Barwit on Black Hole Marsh which was joined by a 2nd on 27th

26th - a Cattle Egret flew SW over Seaton, 3 Whimbrel on the estuary

28th - a decidedly less attractive Barwit joined 1 of the 2 sum plum birds

29th - 2 Barwits (1 sum plum), 5 Whimbrel and 3 Ringos

Taken after the Sun went down when most people would have long packed up the camera gear!

Monday 18 April 2022

Green-winged Teal at Black Hole Marsh

I thought I'd missed my chance with the GW Teal on Bridge Marsh on 8th April (I was working), but rather unexpectedly it flew in through the rain and landed on BHM early evening today! I'm not aware of any other sightings between the 8th and now but it's likely the same bird and has presumably been staying somewhere local-ish. It flew in from north of BHM with 3 Teal and landed quite a way off... It didn't linger long and after it flew, a further 90 mins of searching didn't turn it up again either. It was nice to get a few other people onto it as well at least.

Poor pics due to distance, but great to see nonetheless.