Saturday 15 February 2020

American Herring Gull

What a bird!

A message from Ian Mc at 14:38 saying "Probable American Herring Gull Tram sheds found by Steve" had me scrambling to put some camera gear together and find my scope! The stories on Gavin's and Steve's blogs are well worth a read as they're far more exciting than my relatively simple (local) twitch. Congratulations to Steve for the find and thanks to Gavin for helping me get on the bird when I arrived on scene with Dad. It showed well in the end and was quite 'obviously different', but it's always a relief to have someone point you in the right direction for such a bird. If you read Gavin's blog you'll learn that this same bird was seen at West Bexington in January, and funnily enough it was then also found by an Axe birder, Ian Mc! He must be rather chuffed that he managed to see it here as well.