Sunday 24 February 2013

SOME BIRDING AT LAST (Decent River Coly walk)

I somehow found myself with a couple of free hours this afternoon, and it WASN'T raining. It sure was bloody cold though... With this rare window of opportunity, I picked up the camera and went for a walk by the River Coly. First photograph-able species was Pied Wagtail; there was a pair of them near to Umborne Bridge:

There were approximately 30 Redwing in the next couple of fields. I took this chance snap of one as it left a tree:

Back to the Wagtail theme, there was a rather timid Grey Wagtail which I was determined to capture (in the photographic sense):

And the final bird of interest is what I actually went down in the hope of seeing. I saw many signs of the presence of one (probably two) of these little beauties before finally locating one...:

Dipper- brilliant little characters!

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Hurry up Spring & Summer!!

This is the predictable post about me not having time to post about wildlife (again/still). I STILL have no free daylight hours, and won't until at least the end of this month... My time is being monopolised by work, appointments and more work (e.g. dark when I leave the house and dark when I return). I may have to start posting about cycling at this rate; at least it's a hobby I can continue with after nightfall!