Monday 27 June 2016

Some unexpected Patch Bronze

It's unusual to get decent (loose use of the term) birds for the patch this time of year as we are in the inevitable Summer lull in terms of bird movement, but 3 Tufted Duck at Lower Bruckland Ponds on 25th was an unexpected opportunity to take a few bird snaps. There were 2 males & one female; despite there already being a one-day Spring bird at Seaton Marshes it was good to see some more patch Tufties.

I have a typically busy week ahead with business trips to various countries each day of the week. This whole hopping on a plane every few days is going to become a lot more arduous soon...

The above video is best viewed full screen and in HD - you can do this by either clicking the YouTube button or Full Screen button at the bottom right of the clip menu.

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