Friday 27 May 2016

PRAENUBILA - stunning colour form

The Four-spotted Chaser in yesterday's post HERE was of the unusual colour form Praenubila; the first one of these I've seen, a rather stunning individual too. Here are a few shots of the more common colour form of Libellula Quadrimaculata, taken today:

A very close-up pic. The intricacy of dragonflies always amazes me!

And here's the difference between the two aforementioned colour forms. The first image shows the more common form and the second image shows the form Praenubila. Note the extended Pterostigma (dark patch towards the wing tip) on the lower pic!!!

Apologies for the sheen on the wings; it's a teneral dragonfly so there was no avoiding it - nice to see one so new and vibrant. The Pterostigma can also be significantly more extensive than the example above shows; sometimes the black can extend over almost all of the end of the wing! 

Fascinating creatures.

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