Tuesday 27 March 2018

Iceland Gull

Ian Mc found an Iceland Gull on the estuary near the tram sheds so I quickly headed down to try and see it. As I approached Axmouth I saw all the gulls go up so thought that my chance may have been blown but fortunately a quick scan after parking up at Coronation Corner revealed that it had not gone far. I got a few distant shots of it on the river before it flew upstream a bit further and landed very close to Tower Hide. Back in the car and a hurried walk to Tower Hide later, I was pleased to see it on the edge of the mud right in front of the hide! Brilliant views. Unzip bag, remove camera and then a Merlin (helicopter) flies very low over the estuary and flushes the lot before I could get a shot off. A real shame after rushing over and having it showing so close! Still, nice to see it after having a probable Iceland Gull flyover get away from me on 22nd January. I didn't have time to look around the patch properly but 4 Gadwall on Black Hole Marsh and a seal on the sea were nice to see.

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