Saturday 3 March 2018

Birds in the Snow

Colyton has been looking absolutely spectacular with the recent snow and ice. Not the most snow I've seen here; we've just had 6-7 inches compared with 8-10 inches at the end of 2010. Despite the stunning scenery bringing joy and entertainment to many of the people it was a much more sombre situation for the wildlife. Like on 1st March, there were still many hundreds of Redwings and low thousands of Fieldfares here on the 2nd and they were clearly struggling. There was also a steady passage of Lapwings over West throughout both days, as well as a few Snipes and Golden Plovers.

After being armed with only a wide angle lens when I had 18+ Hawfinches in Yews by St Andrew's Church on 1st March, I made sure I had a long lens with me for the next trip down! The aim was to get pics of Hawfinches on snow and I came away with very cold hands and a few shots:

Thrushes were posing well too:

And here are a few pics of the town, most of which were taken on my phone:

Looks a bit better in black & white

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