Wednesday 28 March 2018

Garganey on Patch

Well that was a very nice surprise! I was looking over Bridge Marsh and Colyford Common/Marshes in case the Egyptian Goose that Steve had mid-morning was still here but had no success with that. Work kept me in in the morning but this turned out to be fortuitous timing as I had 2 Garganey fly N in front of the hide! They headed up to Bridge Marsh and appeared to drop down albeit out of sight so I hurried back over there. They had moved in the few minutes it took me to get there but Ian Waite had since seen them on the opposite side of the river to Tower Hide so I quickly popped up to 'Farm Gate' N of Axmouth and was pleased to see that they had landed on one of the pools. Most of the other patch birders connected with them too which is good; Garganey can certainly be tricky here. These were only the 2nd ones I've seen after finding a pair on Black Hole Marsh in June 2014; they were showing much better on that occasion... (see HEREHERE). Here are a couple of distant pics of the 2 from today and also a Peregrine:

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