Monday 17 April 2017

Whinchat and Wheatear

Whilst out in Topsham this morning (this trip will be in the next post) Ian Mc texted with news of a Whinchat and 20 Wheatear on Colyford Common so upon returning I went for a look in case they were still about. Sue was there waiting on the boardwalk when I arrived so things were looking promising. I joined her and we continued to sit there for quite a while; the birds were gradually being pushed our way by the cattle so we were hopeful that they'd give themselves up eventually. Just as they were starting to get close some more people arrived and the birds hopped over to the other side of us. The number of people about has been a tad disruptive at times but that's to be expected over the Easter Holidays. Generally I think it's great that there are lots of people about enjoying the facilities here! One of the visitors was struggling to get a clear view of the Whinchat down amongst the reeds so we briefly walked a few yards off the boardwalk to try and help get everyone on it. It had flown a good distance away by this time so we could move a bit without causing disturbance and the visitor was pleased to be able to see it (just about) well enough to tell what it was. Apologies for the lack of quality with the Whinchat shot; it was a fair way off. Very smart bird though and the photo doesn't do it justice here.


  1. Hi Tim. That's a real shame, you should have mentioned to me someone was struggling to see it. From where I watched it from on the boardwalk back towards the entrance gate, I had a completely clear view.

    1. Hi Steve. He got on it in the end but was struggling to pick it out amongst the Wheatears when it went down. Was easier earlier from the raised area near the hide too - another nice vantage point.