Monday 24 April 2017

Axe Patch Update

It's been heavy going here for the last few days (for me at least) and I've seen little in the way of new arrivals. I had nothing worth mentioning between 19th and 22nd other than the lingering Cattle Egrets and all I saw of note this evening (23rd) was a Greenshank on Black Hole Marsh along with 8 Dunlin. A look around Colyford Common and the Reed Bed Loop was similarly unrewarding other than several Swallows and also a Grey Heron which conveniently landed about 100ft in front of me whilst I was watching from the viewing platform.

Better (and more) birds soon no doubt. Hopefully I'll get some Yellow Wagtails posing in the next few days - did quite well with them at Seaton Marshes around this time last year.

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