Friday 7 April 2017

Red Kite from the front door!

I've been expecting to see a Red Kite with this recent warm weather and see a Red Kite I did! After dropping an order off I parked up at home and got to the front door when the Primrose Way Herring Gulls started making a fuss. Sure enough a quick look up and there was a Red Kite flying high heading East. I didn't have a camera on me so it was a case of quickly dashing upstairs in the hope that it hadn't gone out of sight by the time I could get the kit ready. It headed towards the estuary so hopefully some other patch birders got the message in time and connected; I see perhaps 3 or 4 Red Kites a year here but they're usually just passing over rather than lingering. Osprey next hopefully...
The first two images here are archive pics from 2013 (too many posts with only distant record shots on here lately!). The latter two Red Kite pics are of the bird from today.

Yesterday afternoon I spotted a Little Ringed Plover new-in and the Greenshank and Knot were still present on patch.

Swallows are picking up in number here now and I'm seeing them in most places I go looking; there have been a few over Seaton, Musbury and Colyton for the last few days. Aside from birds, it was nice to see an Orange-tip butterfly today at Lower Bruckland Ponds, my first of 2017.

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