Saturday 27 August 2016

Nightjars - Another successful breeding on patch

The patch Nightjars have once again bred successfully! Earlier this year 3 adult birds arrived/returned; 2 males & 1 female. One of the males seemed to leave after the first week or so, perhaps realising that a 2nd female wasn't coming. There were two breeding pairs at the site last year and a total of 8+ birds of various ages during the Summer (discernible from pics) so although this year didn't quite live up to 2015, it's still good to report that the pair had a single fledgling.

Here's a pic from last year:

Patch update 27th:
Black Hole Marsh is still doing fairly well for waders with 2 LRP, 2 Little Stint plus singles of Ruff & Knot through most of the day. Approx 30 Yellow Wagtails are still lingering around Seaton Marshes (unless it's birds constantly filtering through), and another 30+ were over Black Hole Marsh towards dusk. They dropped in from quite a height so this may well have been new arrivals rather than the same flock moving around - hopefully we'll find out in the morning!

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