Tuesday 2 August 2016

LEAST SANDPIPER at Black Hole Marsh !!!

Black Hole Marsh again reminded us why it has such a good reputation as being a wader haven this evening. James Chubb was the first to spot the bird & Tim Wright later re-spotted it and 'noticed' it as being something different. A group effort in the Island Hide at dusk had Tim Wright, Phil Abbott, Ian Mc & myself running through ID features for Long-toed Stint, Least Sand and even Little Stint (determined not to call it something it wasn't). The consensus of opinion at the time was that it was probably a Least Sand, although due to the dull conditions it was difficult to judge features i.e. leg colour. The subsequent pics thankfully made it more obvious so we can now pin the ID as a Least Sandpiper. Yessssss!

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