Thursday 4 August 2016

Least Sandpiper - Video footage and pics

Black Hole Marsh played host to an excellent twitch on 03-08-16 with many people travelling to see the Least Sandpiper; it was nice to chat to so many other birders, both new faces and known ones. I spent almost all day there so could help new arrivals get eyes on the bird and also keep the news going out regularly & when requested. A few of us were fortunate enough to get a fantastic photo opportunity at around 08:00 this morning so after that I could switch the camera off for (most of) the rest of the day and assist others without feeling the need to get to the peep holes. It also meant I could take some proper work with me to crack on with, but with an occasional wader orientated interruption!

Here's a couple of other pics (still got hundreds to look through) and a video clip which is best viewed at 1080p HD:

Also many thanks for the unexpectedly (overly?!) generous remarks from so many of you regarding my blog & its content - they are very much appreciated. It was good to be able to put a few more faces to names too. I must admit, it's relatively easy to take good photos here as Black Hole Marsh is simply an amazing site; it attracts excellent birds and can provide incredibly close views, just like it has with this Least Sand. It obviously takes time, patience, equipment and the know-how/experience for the photography side of things, but with such a great reserve at our disposal here a significant proportion of the work is already done.

A brilliant start to August. What's next?!

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