Tuesday 29 March 2016

Iceland Gull - what a stunner!

A text from Steve Waite had me hurrying straight out of the door! His persistence looking through gulls on the Axe Estuary paid off with him finding a gorgeous 1st winter Iceland Gull. I parked up along the road South of Coronation Corner and walked towards where Steve and Ian Mc were viewing the bird from. I hurried towards them so they could help point out the bird but turns out that wasn't necessary; I couldn't believe how obvious the Iceland Gull was! It soon flew and headed towards Tower Hide so I nipped over there to try and see a bit more of it - it's a patch tick for me so it was an educational bird. Unfortunately it was difficult to pick out from there; myself and Ian Mc didn't pick it up until it was flying again. It flew around for a couple of minutes before eventually gaining height and heading off North.

The below pics are pretty heavy crops due to the distance, but what a bird!

Cheers Steve!

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