Thursday 24 March 2016

Glossy Ibis Posing

A decent look around over the last couple of days hasn't yielded anything new of significant interest, so I made do with taking a few more pics of the long-staying Glossy Ibis. The flight shot was obtained due to two old guys deciding to climb the bank and look over the fence, just outside of the hide, rather than looking through the windows like any sensible/responsible person would. I did photograph the blokes 'in action' flushing the bird, but one of them is a regular local so I'll save him the embarrassment... Flushing something inadvertently is okay and will inevitably happen, but looking over a fence which is there purely to shield people from the birds' views, thereby scaring the bird off, certainly does irritate me. Some birds are tame and then the ethics of trying to get a better view aren't as rigid. Put simply, if it flushes, you shouldn't have done it (a rare exception being if it's coming to the end of the day with poor light, and there's a bird which you are unsure of the ID of).

That's enough ranting for one year I think.

Today certainly felt warm in the Sun; it finally seems as though Winter is completely over and we are well and truly into Spring - both with the weather and the birds.

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