Thursday 27 November 2014

Wildlife photographs

Well, and some landscapes too.
Apologies for how quiet this page has been in recent weeks, I simply haven't been able to get out at all and birding potential from my office(s) is very limited! As well as my normal day jobs I've also had a lot of photography work come my way lately. As my location of work for next year is still unconfirmed, I'm clearing some of my stock of mounted wildlife photographs and greeting cards. As such the pricing will be incredibly low; I'd rather people have them cheaply than for the products to sit in a box for months on end! Pics are available in 12 x 10 inch and 10 x 8 inch mounts. There's also a choice of mount colour as shown in the images below. I've been browsing for pricing by other photographers and they charge on average 220% of my price. Feel free to ask for a quote. You can also request specific photos from this blog if there's something in particular that you would like.

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