Friday 28 November 2014

GOOSANDER on the River Coly

So it went something like this... My Canon 24 - 70 mm f/4 L IS USM finally arrived today (after Parcelforce temporarily misplaced it) so I headed out for a few shots after work. It was already fairly dark but fast shutter speeds aren't necessarily particularly important when shooting with wide angle lenses. Whilst taking some photos of a bridge in Colyton the usual mallard group swam by but there was an unexpected guest! My first thoughts were along the lines of *!%&!*!%!!*. I know I shouldn't get excited over a duck, but this was only my second ever patch Goosander, it was just typical that I had a WIDE ANGLE lens on for testing. Brilliant. I tried my best at a few pics but with 70mm this is not an easy task... So I hastily jogged home, grabbed the 600mm and drove back down. It was still there although the light by now was very poor for photography. Here's a few of the least bad pics; they're cropped and all taken at ISO 2500 so graining is evident:

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