Thursday 2 August 2012

Wood Sandpiper and Little Gull at BHM

It seems as though EVERY patch birder with a camera apart from myself got the Wood Sandpiper up nice and close this morning. Ahh the joys of  not having a single free morning in a week. I popped over in the evening after work and got fairly distant views of the Wood Sandpiper. In fairness, had I not been working, and had time to get decent shots of the Wood Sand in the morning, then I probably wouldn't have gone in the evening and therefore would have missed the Little Gull... (Kindly pointed out by Ian Waite). Again it was distant, but it's something I can add to my all time patch list (yes, really).

If you want to revisit some less rubbish shots, I managed to get some decent ones of Wood Sands last year... there is a wide and varied selection!! click here
Or for a shot of 3:

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