Tuesday 21 August 2012

A Spotted Redshank...

... which I didn't have time to see, thanks to a 6:00 - 21:00 stint of work.
I did however find time to spend an hour looking along the River Coly over the weekend. There wasn't a lot to see; with one Kingfisher (adult), one Sparrowhawk, multiple Buzzards and a juvenile Cormorant being the most interesting in the way of birdlife.
I also managed to put a few more miles on the bike between Friday and Sunday. I thought I'd have a go at the Seaton to Axmouth Sprint again as I'd been shunted down the timesheets a couple of places. I'll make some excuses now; this was after a draining day at work (this is generally going to be the case, having only 1 day per month entirely to myself if I'm lucky) and I DELIBERATELY waited for a day without a tailwind, UNLIKE a few of the other 'big names' who went out on the 15th when there were approx 40mph tailwinds (I know this because I went out on the mountainbike and figured it'd be an unfair advantage as I could maintain nearly 25mph without pedalling much) not being sour to the others but I'd rather know that I'd earned my position through physical ability rather than through environmental influence. ;) (not intended as a dig, just being honest).

Oh yes and there's my insomnia problem which had remained dormant for over a year until the beginning of this month. That certainly doesn't help. Maybe it's time to start inducing sleep with drugs yet again (it is not enjoyable I assure you). I don't particularly want to be hit with the Chronic Exhaustion diagnosis again.
Anyway, enough whining. I am considering purchasing a carbon fibre bike. I have many reasons for this. A low end one will be approximately 40% lighter than my current road bike (yes it really is that heavy), and hopefully the new bike would be the right size. My current road bike was the right size when I was 6 or 7 inches shorter than I am now. On the other hand I could save my money and spend it on something that I actually need as opposed to something I desire. Hmm. Unfortunately this is probably what'll happen and the carbon fibre will remain a dream...

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