Thursday 29 September 2011

River Axe Osprey pics

Really tired so I'll make this snappy. Got up at 6am to try and see the two Great White Egrets. I was by the Axe at 6.50am but the mist was VERY extensive and dense. Annoyingly I left before they were visible. I left at around 8.30 and they were reported to have been seen at around 9am. GRR!!
The Semi-p could be seen from Coronation Corner for much of the day. Not very close though.
At 15:51, an OSPREY showed up. Hopefully it'll decide to stay for a bit... Here's a few shots to prove the claim. Lighting was ATROCIOUS, with the sun being behind the bird for nearly every shot. Frustrating.

Shows how close to the Tower Hide this was!

If only the Osprey would pose in nice light like this Buzzard did.

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