Thursday 15 September 2011

Good day for birds of prey!

Yes, it's a thursday and I never post on thursdays; I took the day off work (holiday to burn). I spent a couple of hours in the morning over at Black Hole Marsh. The area around the island hide is still REALLY quiet after the recent works there. All that could be seen was a Greenshank and 4 Little Egrets... far from exciting. I did spot a Peregrine fly over distantly. And managed a very lame pic. Looked like an adult bird this time:

There was also the usual Kestrel near the car park. He looked very smart in the early morning sun!

I'd edit the lines out of this if I had time, they kinda ruin the shot!

The was some Kingfisher activity in front of the Tower Hide, with two young birds playing and being very vocal! I managed a photo of one of them but the light was awful as I was shooting into the direction of the sun:

One of these also parked briefly on the line in front of the Tower Hide:

Come the afternoon, I went for a brief walk by the River Coly for a change. I felt as though I should, after all, my blog is called 'Colyton Wildlife' but greater diversity of life at BHM has recently taken priority! It was worth the trip though; I saw a Hobby flying over very quickly. That's my third in Colyton this year, whereas my previous annual record was nil. I took a quick (rubbish) photo of it, it is just about recognisable as being a Hobby:

There was also a Buzzard on the usual post. And one flew over fairly close for a change:

There were also THOUSANDS of these on pretty much all parts of the river; I've never seen them like it before!
Strange wee-beasties

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