Thursday, 8 September 2016

Wood Sandpiper - 'Slowmo' video footage

It's come to that time of year to change the age number in my profile text yet again. I'm not a great fan of birthdays; some nasty things have happened around this time of year in the past so it's usually a month to try and forget!

The patch continues to be fairly quiet with the exception of a few lingering Barwits; this is just as well really as the last couple of weeks have been pretty heavy on the work front (16-18 hours a day, every day). Looking at reports slightly further afield, the River Exe seems to be the place to be right now if the spectacle of 7-10 Ospreys appeals to your taste. 7 to 10!! A flock of Ospreys!! I've still not seen one so far this year despite there being at least 3 passing through the Axe Valley here - I missed them all due to hospital stuff and/or work. There is still time to get one though...

Here's a short video clip of a Wood Sandpiper, taken from Island Hide at Black Hole Marsh in August. It was taken at high frame rate 4K so it appears in slow motion when reduced down to HD. I quite like the splashing of the rain - it sure was a grim evening:

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