Saturday, 24 September 2016

Grey Plovers & Common Tern on the Axe

There are still at least 2 Grey Plovers around the Axe Estuary, viewed distantly North of Tower Hide this evening. Just as it was starting to get dark a Tern sp. flew upstream so I quickly got the camera out to bank a few shots. I'm 90% sure it was just a Common Tern but I'll look at pics later just in case; conditions were too dark to tell through the bins or scope so hopefully the (awful) pics are more useful.

Here's another pic of the Lesser Grey Shrike (Plymouth). I took my shots from about 40ft away but it's been showing down to 10-15ft at times today apparently! That's so close that my lens wouldn't be able to focus on it. Remarkably tolerant bird:


  1. the images of this bird i s so beautiful.. thanks for sharing..

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    1. Yeah a comment to promote their own agenda. It can stay as it references the bird but I haven't clicked it which was no doubt their aim.

  2. Grey Plover (1) still in situ this morning.