Thursday, 1 September 2016

Ruff Video Footage

The blog has been quiet for the last couple days as I had meetings in Ireland but thankfully nothing really good was missed on patch; it's always a concern leaving the patch this time of year! Between the meetings and a delayed flight (oh don't you just love delayed flights...) I had over 40 hours without a glimpse of a bed, but some of the Irish scenery (plus grub & a pint) more than made up for the hassle:

There were 2 Wheatear down on these rocks!

It's still much the same on patch with the highlights being 2 Ruff and 1 Little Stint remaining on Black Hole Marsh. Brendan found a 3rd Ruff in the afternoon on 31st and there was also a report of a Garganey briefly on 30th. The Ruff have been showing very close to Island Hide at times - here is a video clip that's uncropped & straight from the camera. It's best viewed on YouTube at 1080p HD if your bandwidth can tolerate it:

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