Thursday, 15 September 2016

Red-backed Shrike at Beer Head

A brilliant find by Bun (Kevin Hale) on patch this morning - a nice colourful juvenile Red-Backed Shrike near the 'Summit' at Beer Head. There were birds everywhere; in the field, on fence posts, on wires etc. As well as the RB Shrike, between 09:00 & 12:00 there were at least:

100 + Meadow Pipit
2 Tree Pipit
8 Wheatear
20 + Yellow Wagtails over

Here's a  few snaps (many more to come along with video footage but I have to crack on with work now). The bird was very obliging; I simply sat on the ground and waited for it to come to me. It didn't seem remotely bothered by people even when there was a small crowd:

It caught quite a few Great Green Bush Crickets!

Steve had an Osprey over the estuary at 14:50 so I rushed down but dipped. However, there was a near constant stream of Swallows going through, with perhaps 400 - 600 passing by Tower Hide in a 15 minute period so that was good to see. There were also new singles of Ruff & Knot as there were 3 of each (1 Ruff on estuary, all others on BHM).


  1. What cracking shots of the R B Shrike Tim.Nice when they oblige for the camera!
    Seems like things are starting to move through now in good nos!

    1. Many thanks Paul. Yep the Shrike was showing very well pretty much all day by the sounds of it! It seems there was some serious movement today - we had hundreds of Mipits and many thousands (!) of Swallows pass here. Plenty of other birds found elsewhere today too, both common and scarce migrants. Very good day!

  2. Tim, hi - great photos! We met briefly in the Island Hide a couple days ago.

    1. Thanks Paul! And good to meet you - it's an excellent area here.