Saturday, 10 September 2016

Birthday Twitch - Sanderling on BHM

Steve found a Sanderling on Black Hole Marsh at high tide on 9th Sept - although not generally rare, they are pretty scarce on patch so I headed straight down. In fact prior to this one, I'd seen the same number of Least Sands and Monty Harriers (2 of each) on patch as I had Sanderlings!

The Sanderling remained pretty distant but it was nice to just see one - took a couple of snaps then just watched it for a while.

Black Hole Marsh was fairly quiet early afternoon today (10th) with a single Green Sand being the best on offer. It was showing very well from the viewing screens at the end of the boardwalk to Island Hide; pics of this to follow when I've put them on the PC.

Here's the snaps of the Sanderling:


  1. Pretty distant? That's a shame, when I saw it it was on one of the nearest patches of mud from the Island Hide looking straight east. Surprised it moved, it seemed to be finding plenty of food here.

  2. Yep on the scrape at the back of BHM most of the time. Was flighty when me and Sue were watching it - never really settled to a specific area