Monday, 5 September 2016

An influx of waders

Up until today, the last few days have been disappointing on patch with nothing new of interest dropping in. I've had Black Hole Marsh & Coly Common mostly to myself in recent evenings, perhaps because of the rain. I got pretty wet and didn't find anything new but it's always worth putting in the effort just in case! Brendan had a Great White Egret heading West from Charmouth over the weekend so I was hoping it may drop in here but no such luck. Black Hole Marsh was quiet again last night with 6 Ringed Plover and 8 Dunlin being the only small waders. The best bird (loose use of the term) was a Greenshank which dropped in at dusk - likely the bird which has been on Coly Common lately.

Late afternoon on the 5th finally brought in some new birds with an Osprey reported at 16:30 as well as 19 Bar-tailed Godwits on the estuary from Tower Hide. The number of small waders (Dunlin, Ringed Plover) was also over 50 which is a decent increase from recent days. High tide was at around 22:00 tonight so it'll be interesting to see if there's anything extra of interest on Black Hole Marsh in the morning (tide pushing more birds off of the estuary). There is a chance that the Osprey is still here - it was last seen flying North up the estuary so it'll have to return South at some point...

To distract from the monotony of reading text here's a recent Little Stint pic taken at Black Hole Marsh. It was pretty distant and isn't particularly sharp but I quite like the open-bill pose. Cute wee things!

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