Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Curlew Sandpiper - pics + video

Well the weather was certainly more extreme than was anticipated here; the oh-so-trustworthy forecasts gave it dry pretty much all day today yet we ended up with torrential rain and prolonged spells of thunder & lightning until the afternoon! Steve had a Ruff and the 5th Curlew Sandpiper of the year on Black Hole Marsh early afternoon and they were still there this evening. The juv Curlew Sand showed well in the end and successfully avoided the talons of a hunting Peregrine.

Brendan Sheils had the best bird of the day with a juv Spotted Redshank (as well as 1st Winter Yellow-legged Gull & Little Stint) from Seaton Marshes hide at 19:00. Hopefully the former will still be around tomorrow - it's the first Spotshank to be reported on patch this year and I didn't see one on patch at all in 2015!

This one was taken in the last of the evening light, giving the bird a more peachy hue

Here's a short video clip:

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