Monday 26 July 2021

Lesser Emperor

Deviating from the post title, but to whichever site is currently directing thousands of people to this blog, I'm grateful! I'm also ashamed at how neglected this corner of the web has been, but I can't overstate how ridiculously busy I am at the moment. Priorities 😂
Whilst you're here, here's a plug for my Facebook page which I post to on a semi-regular basis. I'd really appreciate you joining me over there!

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Now for the Lesser Emperor. Lower Bruckland Ponds is the only site I've seen this species at, and my flight shots of the 1st one were appalling. I did have some more success this time around, but it only showed a few times, briefly, and usually pretty far away. Lovely dragonfly, but it was far from cooperative! A couple of subsequent trips drew a blank, although times were not ideal. It'd be nice to see it again...

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