Tuesday 7 November 2017

Glossy Ibis and Great Egret (late post)

Sue Murphy found a Glossy Ibis on Colyford Common on 28th October and I caught up with it early the following morning and the day after. I heard a 3rd hand report that it has been seen as recently as Saturday 4th November too so perhaps it's still about but being elusive. Steve Waite had a Great Egret on 29th October and this one lingered for the rest of the day making a change from the usual brief visits of this species. Here are a couple of fairly distant snaps of both birds:

Of more interest is that there were 2 Hawfinches in Colyton on 5th November. Steve Waite found them early morning so I got some kit ready and popped straight out but unfortunately missed them by minutes. I tried again later and had a good look around a wider area but failed to find them. It's a bird I've yet to see (anywhere!) as I've been avoiding twitching any off patch in the hope that I'll see my first here...

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