Monday 11 September 2017

OSPREY puts on an incredible show

There have been some better birds here recently with:
Osprey, Little Stint and Barwit on 7th
I had a Kittiwake and 2 Knot on 8th (plus Osprey again)
(Osprey again on 9th)
Spotted Redshank and another Osprey found by Phil A on 10th
2 Common Terns and Spotted Redshank again on 11th.

I have some (mostly lousy) shots of all of the above but the pics in this post have to be all about the Osprey. We had a more showy bird in 2010 which was here for 3 weeks but I wasn't so much into photography back then, plus it had colour rings on both legs so it wasn't particularly aesthetically pleasing for pics anyway. I put in a LOT of hours (10+) for these pics on Friday but it was certainly worth it, plus the Kittiwake and Knots provided something else to watch whilst waiting.


  1. Love these pictures and you are helping me to educate my 13 year old son! Thanks!

    1. Many thanks. Glad to hear it; hopefully he keeps up his interest!

    2. Yes, caught the glossy ibis on Sunday. A first for us!
      Keep up the excellent info for us, so helpful to know and understand what to look for. Thanks, Sarah (met you back in May whilst spotting the barn owl in May with my son!!)