Sunday 7 May 2017

Swifts and Sprawk

Not much to report from me recently but it was nice to see 12+ Swifts back at nesting sites in Colyton on Friday evening. A look around on Saturday afternoon yielded little of interest other than 13+ small waders flying upriver; unfortunately I was too far away to tell what they were (likely to be Dunlin and/or Ringed Plover). Two pairs of Canada Geese on BHM have Goslings now and interestingly the two pairs were interacting; some of the Goslings were moving from one group to the other! The adults seemed wary of each other at first as you'd expect but the 4 adults and 10+ Goslings were all together for a while.

There were few photo opportunities today although I did get a nice view of a (ringed) Sparrowhawk flying over Colyford Common:

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