Saturday 25 March 2017

Little Ringed Plovers at Black Hole Marsh

Time I've invested on patch has been yielding little reward lately so I was pleased to see 3 Little Ringed Plovers at Black Hole Marsh this afternoon. I heard 3rd hand that one had been reported earlier in the day so it was nice to add another couple to this. They remained pretty distant so the pic is a bit naff...

2 of the 3 LRPs

I've been out for a couple of hours daily lately and still haven't seen a Wheatear or House Martin despite diligent searching and also responding to other reports quite quickly. Wheatears in particular seem to have a knack of clearing out a few minutes before I get to them. It's still very early Spring so I know I'll get them; it's just a bit frustrating to repeatedly miss things by minutes despite putting in the hours. Then again birding can often be like that - that's part of the fun/satisfaction!

The 4 Pintail and single Grey Plover still linger, with the latter now showing some signs of moulting into breeding plumage. Hopefully we get to see it looking really smart before it departs...

I haven't managed any nice shots of the Black-tailed Godwits as the smartest ones haven't posed for me yet. More of them are showing the gorgeous rufous colours now so hopefully one poses nicely soon. Here's a couple snaps of birds which weren't as close as I'd have liked but there was certainly some nice light around!

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