Monday 12 December 2016

Cattle Egret on Patch

A patch Cattle Egret is rather unsurprising given the recent influx; there have been good numbers of them fairly close to us both East and West of here so I've been expecting one to turn up on patch.

Steve (Waite) initially found this bird shortly after 4pm on the 10th but nobody managed to discover where it had been staying since (if it was indeed staying that is). Steve put in the leg work today and found it feeding in a field in Colyton - a proper account is written up on his Axe Birding blog.

I managed to catch up with the bird at around 3pm today, viewing from the Shute Road. Pics are dodgy as it was VERY distant and they were taken through some fire smoke. I wonder if we'll get any more Cattle Egrets this year...

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