Friday 3 April 2015


This afternoon was a good one. I decided to spend some time with the camera as workload is approaching burnout territory again, so some time with photos and wildlife was very much needed. I thought I'd try for the Bonaparte's Gull at Radipole as it'd be a first for me; when I saw the report of a Black Winged Stilt at Abbotsbury I thought it'd be rude not to stop off on the way. I saw it from New Barn Road very distantly; quite frankly I didn't have time to go through the Swannery to get to the hide as well as go for the Bonys! I connected, at a just-about-identifiable distance! A lifer to quick the afternoon off!

And now to the next lifer. The gull was closer than I had expected so my 600mm was simply the wrong bit of kit for the job. I had to manual focus everything (heavy bit of kit and also relatively slow in AF mode). I watched the bird for about 2 hours before having to get back to work. It didn't land once in that time! Here's a few flight shots; I hope to improve on these if I can get back there with my 100-400 ii.

I also had another lifer yesterday, and on patch this time - Slavonian Grebe. The pics are not worthy of this blog!

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