Thursday 21 August 2014


What a fantastic day! After receiving news that a Great White Egret had flown south over Black Hole Marsh, I resisted getting my hopes up. BUT the next message which was only a few minutes later stated that the bird was ON Black Hole Marsh. So I dropped everything at work and popped out for a couple of hours; needless to say it had moved when I got there. This was a shame as such a big bird on BHM would have allowed good pics regardless of where about on the marsh it was perched. I eventually caught up with the bird on Colyford Marsh but it was pretty distant; just as well it's big then!

A bonus was a brief glimpse of an Osprey flying upriver with a fish.

I popped back out in the evening after work to see if the GW Egret was still about. It was... as was an Osprey perched in a tree... More pics to follow.

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