Tuesday 11 February 2014

Kumlien's Gull?

Well it seems as though I am yet again the only patch birder that was unable to see a mega local rarity (patch first in this case) due to work commitments. I raced over to the Axe Estuary as soon as I finished work. There were 2 gulls left within view on the estuary, both Herring. I later read that the Kumlien's gull left at 16:47, just 20 minutes before my arrival. It's times like this when my 90-110 hour per week work schedule is really bloody demoralising.
Here's a couple of Redshank pics from a few weeks ago to make this blog post worthwhile, rather than making do with just a grumble! I just hope that the Kumlien's stays close for a while in case I get a few precious minutes of daylight to spare...

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