Tuesday 5 November 2013

Photos galore - Red Kite portraits

Becca and myself booked a trip to Wales for a much needed break from work(s) etc and headed up there early last Friday morning. Miraculously we got there without any problems or getting lost, this was my longest drive by a significant margin; I've only recently bought a car. I love birds of prey (in case you somehow missed this from previous posts...) so I struggled to contain excitement when I saw the first Red Kite of our trip. Turns out there was a lot more Kite action to come...
Unfortunately the weather was pretty bad for the entirety of our stay, with the exception being Monday when I drove us home (typical...). We made 3 trips to Elan Valley as it was only 20mins or so drive away from the B&B we stayed in, and the views of both scenery and birds were incredible. Red Kites came pretty close, and I got some distant shots of a Ring Ouzel which could be seen fairly predictably, although didn't show well through the berries & vegetation.
I'll post a pic of the Ring Ouzel in my next blog post, perhaps with some pics of some of the views. In the meantime here's a load of pics of Red Kites, the majority of which were taken in heavy rain (as can be seen), and all taken in low light:


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