Sunday 2 September 2012

Vastly improved Little Stint (& Snipe) pics

Still pretty mediocre but not bad considering how far away the Little Stint was, and how bad the conditions were for photography. Dull and damp. I suppose that it's marginally better than having sun from the wrong angle, but only just!
I headed out to BHM early this morning to see if the Turnstone I found last night was still present. When I arrived at just after 6:30 (am) it was there, but soon left and flew off over the estuary. The Little Stint was a very long way away (could hardly see it through bin's) so I headed home at 9. I was back not long after 11 to discover that it had been performing very close to the island hide, and on the right side from a lighting perspective. Damn this bird must hate me! I went back to bhm 4 times in all today but it never did come that close again. A second Little Stint was also present today. Here's the best shots I could manage:

One of the 3 Greenshank

A particularly bold Snipe

To see some nice shots of the Little Stint when it eventually posed close to the hide, I recommend taking a look at Sue Smith's blog.

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