Wednesday, 8 May 2013

New life on the Coly

I couldn't see the Sanderling which was posing beautifully on the beach at Seaton as I was working. Every one of these has appeared whilst I've been working, and as such I've (perhaps surprisingly) never actually seen one!
However, once out from work I spent the evening by the River Coly again and found some recently fledged Chaffinches. One of the Kingfishers was out and about again but no sign of the female. I also found both Dippers away from the nest but feeding it regularly. Perhaps these are slightly further along into their breeding than I first suggested! I'm just hoping that the Dippers and Kingfishers fledge soon and do so successfully, with as little disturbance from the dreaded Coly dog walkers and screaming children as possible (grumpy old sod I know). The only pic I took that's worth posting is of this rather smart Nuthatch; not a common site in the Coly area.

And here's a slightly better pic of the Osprey from the Axe towards the end of last month:

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