Tuesday, 21 May 2013

3 posts in 1 and good Coly news

Been out with the camera most evenings, eagerly awaiting the fledging of many species on the Coly. The Dippers are still frantically feeding the nest, the Kingfishers are both still tending their nest but disconcertingly infrequently and the Grey Wagtails have been successful in their breeding. The single fledgling is shown in the pics below.

Here's another pic of one of the Robins before they left for good:

And here's the pair of Tufted Duck which put in a brief appearance at the Seaton Marshes Lagoon. Patch lifer for me (yes really):

Tim Wright tipped me off about these, and also 2 Hobby from yesterday evening (the pics are far too terrible to post). Thanks Tim!

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