Monday, 13 May 2013

Colyton. Fledglings. Red Kite. Loads more. Enough said?

Well the Robins certainly grew up fast! Here's a pic of them a couple days ago...

And these are from this evening:

5 successfully raised and out and about :) roll on brood #2

Whilst I was out photographing these little'ens, I heard the gulls from CeramTec go up so poked my head around the corner to see what had caused the upset. It's usually just a Buzzard so I was shocked to see this (shabby) beast flying by:

I had the short lens on for the Robins and the Red Kite wasn't exactly close so the pics are TERRIBLE. It's my first of the year so I'll let them have a place on the blog anyway.

Following this excitement I had my daily scout around the Coly to see how the breeders are doing. Still no sign of young Kingfishers or Dippers, but the adult Dippers are taking HUGE quantities of food to the nest so things are looking good. I had a brief view of a Sparrowhawk flying over:

Once the light was getting a bit desperate I headed home and was greeted with this sight:

More avian porn for the blog!

And here's a couple of pics from the weekend. Also worth mentioning that I had a Hobby fly North over the Coly (pics un-blog-worthy).

A rather chilly Orange Tip which posed long enough for me to lie on the ground and compose the shot


  1. Haha. I love how grumpy baby robin no. 2 looks.

    1. Yeah! Miserable little so-an-so's. Only thing that made them look not grumpy was when they were being fed...