Sunday, 5 May 2013

An evening at Seaton Marshes and Black Hole Marsh

Finally starting to feel slightly less terrible, I headed out with the cameras this evening to have a bit of a catch up. I started with a quick look around Seaton Marshes where there were quite a few Wheatear; none came particularly close so this is the best I could manage:

I then popped over to Black Hole Marsh and was disappointed that the Whimbrel were no longer there, presumably they stayed on Colyford Marsh for the whole day (they were seen there in the morning). A nice Bar Tailed Godwit made a brief appearance before being hassled and eventually chased off by the Black Tailed Godwits:

If I feel up to it, I plan to have a serious study of breeding birds on the River Coly tomorrow. I'm hoping at least one of the Kingfisher pairs (private locations) managed to turn things around and rebuild a nest site. I'm also looking forward to seeing how the Dipper pair which have already featured on this blog this year are getting on. Hopefully there'll be some good news to report on this.

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